“Rio Grande Del Norte”

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“Rio Grande Del Norte” “My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Tom Hanks in “Forrest Gump” I sit this morning criss-cross-applesauce high up on a plateau surrounded by pinyon pines, juniper trees, some yucca plants and lichen covered lava rocks. I am almost 8,000 […]



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“Memories” “We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.” Winnie the Pooh Overlooking Bryce Canyon in southern Utah, Sam and I sat on a large rock creating art. With colored pencils strewn about, we soaked in the scenery, capturing our own feelings of the canyon on paper.  I was […]

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Fragile Seas

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“Fragile Seas!” “No water, no life. No blue, No green.” Dr. Sylvia Earle After returning from Hawaii, we revved up Big Blue and returned to San Pedro near Los Angeles to see our favorite canine, Coco. Her owner had returned to Fiji to attend to her tumeric business and had asked us to dog and […]


Mojave National Preserve

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Mojave National Preserve”A visitors experience” If you think the desert is a deserted landscape, think again. The Mojave Desert is filled with life and is a peaceful gem in eastern California. A visit to the Mojave National Preserve will either leave you relaxed and grateful for yet another gift from Mother Nature, or due to the […]


“The Hitchhiker”

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“The Hitchhiker”  “I like chance meetings – life is full of them. Every day, without realising it, I pass people whom I should know.” Krzysztof Kieslowski Our lives have rhythm. Right now, my family’s life is beating to a different rhythm than most. Our current rhythm is born from a desire to truly experience life with just the […]


National Park Service Junior Ranger Program

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National Park Service Junior Ranger ProgramOur national parks are true gems, and the junior ranger program is just one reason why. With right hands raised and serious looks on their faces, my daughter and her cousin proudly repeated the junior ranger oath, promising to respect the environment and the national parks. From afar, it was reminiscent […]