Mojave National Preserve

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Mojave National Preserve”A visitors experience” If you think the desert is a deserted landscape, think again. The Mojave Desert is filled with life and is a peaceful gem in eastern California. A visit to the Mojave National Preserve will either leave you relaxed and grateful for yet another gift from Mother Nature, or due to the […]


National Park Service Junior Ranger Program

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National Park Service Junior Ranger ProgramOur national parks are true gems, and the junior ranger program is just one reason why. With right hands raised and serious looks on their faces, my daughter and her cousin proudly repeated the junior ranger oath, promising to respect the environment and the national parks. From afar, it was reminiscent […]


House Sitting

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“House Sitting”Is It Right For You?Travel For Free In Exchange For House and Pet CareOn my family’s current road trip, we have done some house sitting. For us, house sitting is a way to take a break from the road and our tent, explore an area for a length of time and “recharge” our batteries. […]