“Traveling—it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Batutta


 After months of "going through the motions" and wanting something more, we were ready for a change.  But which way do you turn when you don't know what the next step is or where?  You simply know in your heart that a change is needed for yourself and for your family.  After sudden inspiration followed by much thought, our answer to that question was to embark on an adventure.  We would travel the country and live life on the road.

 A big adventure?  Yes.

 Crazy?  Perhaps.

 Unconventional?  Definitely.

 Life changing?  Likely so.  

The wheels were set in motion.  With a million thoughts and emotions swirling through our minds and hearts and a few "bentmaps" in the glove box, we left Monterey, California on November 2, 2016.  Miles of open road lay ahead, miles of challenges, adventures, inspiration, education and time.  Time to be present in each moment and live life to its fullest.  No agendas.  No schedules.  No time clocks.  


I started writing stories about our journey at the very beginning.  Now, months later, we decided to share our stories, for stories are truly meant to be shared with others.  So buckle your seat belt, and "let's talk story" as the Hawaiians say.  

May you laugh.  May you smile.  May you be inspired.  

Enjoy the ride! (We are!)